• You have been thinking about getting into shape for a while.

  • You want to improve your sports performance and gain an advantage over the competition.

  • You want to lose weight and feel better about yourself.

  • You may be getting older but you don't want to feel old.

  • You have been training without help for a while and you are not satisfied with your results.

Whatever your reason, get started today by filling out the form below so that we can pick a fitness program that is right for you. 

Your first visit will include: a free on-site training consultation, physical fitness assessment, and computerized body composition analysis


Semi Private Fitness Classes

$360 @ 12 weeks- 3x/wk ($10/class)
$264 @ 12 weeks- 2x/wk ($11/class)
$192 @  8 weeks- 2x/wk ($12/class)
$112@  4 weeks- 2x/wk ($14/class)

Couples Rates (2 people only)

$504 @12 weeks- 3x/wk ($14/couple)
$384 @12 weeks- 2x/wk (16/couple)
$288 @ 8 weeks- 2x/wk ($18/couple)
$160 @ 8 weeks- 1x/wk ($20/couple)


Private Training Sessions

$30— Half Hour
$45 — Full Hour
$160 — HIIT 8- $20/30 min
$320 — BOSS 8- $40/hr

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